Products by DesignPoint Inc

  • Interior Design

    We believe interior design is a combination of analytical and artistic talents, and it takes a unique firm to handle both concepts well. DesignPoint has the expertise to provide the skillful planning needed to implement all of the aesthetic and functional decisions through a variety of styles... Read More
  • Interior Architecture & Space Planning

    We provide exceptional interior architecture & space planning for each project. By utilizing our staff of architects and interior designers, every project will receive the attention-to-detail necessary to create a special environment whether a corporate, healthcare, hospitality or senior living... Read More
  • Procurement Service

    We offer our client’s an in-house purchasing service to obtain all of their F.F.& E. needs at the best possible costs in the right quantity and quality to complete the design project. We act as our client’s professional purchasing agent by providing the following: --Costs review and F.F.& E.... Read More