Products in the Environments for Aging Directory

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  • Pascal Table Base By Stone Yard, Inc.

    With its design that reaches into every dimension, our new modern table base, the Pascal, is a magnificent mix of art and furniture. Its shape such a unique composition, the Pascal instantly garnishes attention for its unexpected, yet sleek, form. Handcrafted and hand-finished by our artisans,... Read More
  • Phthalate Free Sheet Vinyl By TAJ Flooring, Inc.

    Beauty and performance are combined in this collection of phthalate free realistic wood grain commercial sheet patterns. Ceramic bead infused urethane finish contributes to industry leading durability and ease of maintenance. Read More
  • Planetree Visionary Design Network By Aesthetics, Inc.

    Planetree is an experience. It is an experience of people, processes, and environment. It is an experience that through awareness, education, and involvement transforms the often cold, scary, and uncaring institutional environment into a supportive, caring, and informative healing journey. To... Read More
  • POLLY Right Hand Sectional By MAMAGREEN LLC

    Stainless steel / Plantation teak / Keops webbing / Sunbrella Width: 190 cm / 75" Height: 73 cm / 28.5" Depth: 80 cm / 31.5" 33 kgs / 72.8 lbs (Nett) 39.2 kgs / 86.4 lbs (Gross) Read More
  • Procurement Service By DesignPoint Inc

    We offer our client’s an in-house purchasing service to obtain all of their F.F.& E. needs at the best possible costs in the right quantity and quality to complete the design project. We act as our client’s professional purchasing agent by providing the following: --Costs review and F.F.& E.... Read More
  • Professional Installation By Linron Company

    Our staff is highly trained and focused on servicing our customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We have teams divided in 6 regions, Northeast, Southeast, Middle West, South West, Rocky Mountain States, and Pacific States. Linron Company’s Senior Management and Technical Flooring Professionals... Read More
  • Project Management & Construction Administration By DesignPoint Inc

    We also organize and manage our people as well as contractors …to complete a project within a defined scope, as well as time and cost restraints, to provide our clients with the quality project they expect. --Evaluate all project bids and contractor costs. --Prepare accurate and detailed... Read More
  • Pucati Side Table By Stone Yard, Inc.

    Featuring a look all its own, the Pucati modern side table is as unique as a piece of furniture can get. With its multi-faceted, angular form, this is a round small table that doubles as a work of modern art. A stunning play of triangular forms and smooth planes, the Pucati, a geometric side... Read More