Mitchell Group Commits to Library Program in Zambia

Press Release from The Mitchell Group

Aug 06, 2014

Mitchell Group supports a program to build a library in a rural elementary school located outside of Zambezi, Zambia. The school serves approximately 700 children. Gonzaga University is the sponsor of the project.


Over the past year, Ann Brunett, co-owner of Mitchell, has become involved in the work that Gonzaga University is doing in the rural village of Zambezi, Zambia, and the service program that brought her daughter Paige to Africa in 2012. What began as a simple commitment to the Chilena Library Project has grown into a broader desire to identify and access necessary resources to improve education and literacy in the Zambezi community. Meeting their goal of opening the library in May, 2015 is the first step in what will hopefully be a long and enlightening journey for this wonderful community.

On a personal note, the library will have within its walls Grandma and Grandpa’s Reading Room, dedicated to Ann’s parents, Catherine and Edward Pskowski. It will be a peaceful area for both children and adults, and we believe that Ed, who passed away in May 2013, would be happy to be honored with his wife in this quiet but meaningful way. 

We invite you to make a tax-deductible donation in order to help the people of Zambezi achieve their educational and economic goals, and to honor Ann’s parents.

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