White Papers for Senior Living Environment Planning and Design

  • Spellman Brady & Company Brochure

    Spellman Brady & Company is a nationally recognized interior planning and design firm specializing in healthcare, higher education, multi-family, and senior living. As a Certified WBE Small Business, our interdisciplinary team has delivered comprehensive interior design, furniture planning,...
  • Reimagining Home – Innovative Assisted Living THE HEARTH AT DREXEL

    THE PAST INSPIRES THE FUTURE Over 100 years ago, The Mary J. Drexel Home was established to provide distinguished and quality care for the aging. This mission of service led to the transformation from a 1960s era nursing home to a state-of-the-art assisted living community built around a...
  • Improving Indoor Air Quality with Air Purifiers

    The most effective way to improve your indoor air is to reduce sources of pollutants and to ventilate with clean outdoor air according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Using an air purifier, can help improve indoor air quality.
  • Placemaking in Retail: From the Perspective of a Dual-Income Family

    As I pull into daycare, I prepare myself for the challenge and start strategizing. I know my two sons will be exhausted from their stretched attention spans and, with only two hours to spare before bath and bedtime, I know our evening will be rushed. The second they see me through the glass...
  • Occupant Comfort Study

    Our own headquarters was built based on our Occupant Experience (OX) approach, serving as a living laboratory for the concepts that Saint‑Gobain Commercial Solutions Team promotes.
  • Keep Your Employees Safe: 7 Ways To Prepare For Workplace Emergencies

    Millions of workplace injuries documented. This year's flu season the worst in nearly a decade. Dangerous perpetrators flooding headlines. Yet, statistics can’t prepare managers or employees for what to do when their workplace becomes a target for any type of critical issue. Crisis...
  • Senior Living Design Trends

    The traditional drab nursing home is no longer acceptable. A high level of care in a setting with the comforts of a home are now the benchmark.

    One of the year’s most exciting reveals was Thirty-One on 30A, a remarkable beachside residence in pretty-as-a-postcard Seagrove, Florida. Rena Anderson, an interior designer at Barbara J Gordon Designs, takes us behind the design of this desirable coastal destination.