Garrison Flood Control Systems, LLC.

6601 Lyons Road, F6-7
Coconut Creek, FL 33073-3627

About Garrison Flood Control Systems, LLC.

Garrison™ Flood Control manufactures a variety of flood control systems to help government agencies, large corporations, small businesses and homeowners protect their valuable property and equipment against flood damage.

Our innovative product range includes water diversion barriers, aluminum flood log panels, self deploying barriers, inflatable flood control tubes, gel-filled flood bags, and much more, tailored to accommodate various flood protection scenarios. With a commitment to safeguarding valuable property and infrastructure, Garrison ensures accessible flood mitigation by designing easy-to-deploy systems that can be effectively managed even by unskilled labor.

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Products by Garrison Flood Control Systems, LLC.

By Garrison Flood Control Systems, LLC.

The Mayim™ Flood Control Barrier is an easy to deploy flood control system. If you are looking for a durable, efficient and lengthy system of protection for your building or facility, the Mayim™ Flood Barrier is the solution. Protect against heavy rains, severe storms, swelling rivers and... Read more »

By Garrison Flood Control Systems, LLC.

The Stingray™ Self-Deploying Water Dam is made from flexible PVC material allowing it to conform to nearly any surface, as well as be deployed on varying sub-surfaces within the same area. This effective flood control dam system is used to stop and hold back water. As water accumulates inside... Read more »